*Easy Convenience* The Silver Bullet Of E-Commerce Web Design

dog eating popcorn expressing easy convenience web design

Unlike rap music, the e-commerce industry has seen major improvements in the last ten years. Do you remember feeling excited and grateful when you were able to buy something online? I do. Somewhere along the way, what used to elicit gratitude has now become expectation. If you don’t sell it online, strike. 


If you happen to be involved in e-commerce you know there’s a catch-22 to the tidal wave of e-commerce options. With more online purchasing options conversion rates are lower, cost per acquisition is higher, and your profitability shrinks. 


That’s our state of the (e-commerce) union address. As an e-commerce website owner how do you survive? Or better yet thrive? Business models are complex and I can’t tell you how much to charge for your product (or assume it’s a desirable product). But I CAN give you one guiding value your e-commerce website must follow if you’re going to be successful. 


Easy Convenience


What does that even mean? Easy and convenient are not always the same thing. Give an example you say? Think about the last time you went to the DMV. A monkey could have gone in there to hand them the check, and yet somehow it was the most inconvenient and emotional exhausting (3 hour) experience of your week. See the difference? 


If you’re looking for a summary statement here it is: To make an e-commerce website successful you need to enable mankind’s laziness. Too honest? Sorry, but it’s true. People want things to be easy. And they want them to be convenient. If you can offer something that’s both, they’ll have a hard time going somewhere else (unless your cost is way too high). 


That’s your guiding value. And here are four actionable things you can implement on your site to create an e-commerce website with Easy Convenience:


User Accounts

Saving your name, shipping address, and everything else you can roll into a user account makes repeat checkouts incredibly convenient. It’s a must have feature. 


Saved Payment Methods

No one likes to type out their credit card number every time they check out. It’s frustrating, and can hinder a conversion. It’s a convenience thing. Be sure you can save payment methods and stay PCI Compliant. 


One Click Add To Cart

Don’t make it hard to add to cart. Keep the entry level to a purchase as easy as possible. 


Three Clicks To Conversions

No one likes to click add to cart, then have to find your cart, and then click 5 more times before landing on the checkout page? Keep it as short as possible. Shoot for three clicks.


If you can nail down easy convenience in your e-commerce website, and it looks good, and you’ve got a desirable product at a good price, you’re on track.