Pro Tip - Use Original Photography In Web Design Or Stay Bland

Why You Should Use Original Photography In Web Design

Let’s Talk About Stalk Photos In Web Design

Many moons ago, media was a luxury for web pages. This is back in, say, around 2012. The mantra of web designers was “you need pictures pictures pictures!” And of course, it was true. Of course back then hiring a photographer for something like a brochure site was out of most smaller company’s price ranges. Thus, stock photo websites surged in growth, power, and litigation armies.

The Down Side Of Stock Photos

First off, nobody’s hating on stock photos here. They have a place, without a doubt. We use stock photos at our Kansas City web design agency all the time. But they’re not a fix all for every situation. Here’s why.

I’ll illustrate with an example. Think of that one stock photo that you see on every blog featured image, linkedin article, and promoted facebook post. I can think of about 10 that I’ve seen a hundred times each. As soon as I see those stock photos, I pass over. Sorry.

The other down side of using stock photos is that you might not be able to find something that fits what you need exactly. You’re forced to use something similar to what’s idea, resulting in a truly sub-par media experience. You know, those tacky photos that you see and think (lame). It’s not the fault of stock photos, it’s the result of the lack of options that perfectly fit what you need.

Let’s Define “Original Photography” In Web Design

These are pictures you, or a photographer, takes of your tangible product, location, or team. It’s something that you’ll never find on a stock photo site, because it’s you. Unless may be you’re doing a photo shoot at Niagra Falls. Probably not though. So original photos are unique photos of your business or organization that you’ll never find anywhere else. They’re real. They’re true to you. And they’re perfect for web design that truly reflects your company or organization.

Four Reasons Why Original Photography Makes Your Web Design Better

1. Establishes Trust. I trust a company that I can see. Their faces, building, employees, and products. Put that on your website, and you’ve gained the trust of your site’s visitors. And in web design trust equals conversions.

2. Looks Better. Qualifier on that one, the original photography has to be done well. Don’t use your iPhone 4. Assuming the imagery is high quality, it just looks better.

3. Enforces Your Unique Brand. Original photography on your website makes you unique. You won’t remember stock photos. You’ll remember original ones. They more closely resemble what you’re brain is used to seeing, so you remember it more. It’s more familiar. And Ironically it’s so rare, that it’ll make you unique.

4. Gives More Character To Your Page. It just does. Using original photos in web design makes your pages much more unique. This is a more personal experience than making your brand unique. It’s your web pages, the front lines of what your customers interact with. The more character your web pages have, the better the user experience is.

So, when and where you’re able use original photography as part of your web design.