Web Design Pro Tip - Use QA To Save Your A

Web Design Pro Tip - Use QA To Save Your A
Web Design Pro Tip - Use QA To Save Your A

Specifically, QA testing. Some of you are reading this thinking, “what on earth is QA testing?” If you’re not sure, this pro tip is especially for you. And it’s going to save you a lot of time doing re-work, give you better client relations, and let you make al title more money. 



QA Testing = Quality Assurance Testing

QA testing is a short way to say “Quality Assurance Testing.” (read this for more info) Okay great, so what does that mean? It means before you make a website go live you test the bonkers out of it to make sure that there’s no way it’s going to break, under any circumstance. 


Break? That means your website looks perfect at every single screen size. It means thee’s no way any user is ever going to be hindered at doing what they’re supposed to do. This gets especially tricky when you’re dealing with e-commerce.  You’ll need to systematically throw your work through the ringer to make sure it comes out unscathed. Chances are good that you missed something and you’ll have to fix it. Don’t worry. It’s better that way. 


Why Do QA Testing As Part Of Your Web Design Process?

Because launching a site that has bugs makes you look bad - especially when users complain about them to the website owners. You didn’t do you job right, and now you have to answer for it. It makes you look bad. It makes your web design clients look bad. And it frustrates website users. That should be reason enough. At my Kansas City website design agency we make it part of ever project. It's especially important if you're dealing with e-commerce. 


Should I Charge My Clients For QA?

Of course you should. QA Testing isn’t the sugar on top - an unnecessary add-on. It should be a required step of your web design process. Your clients don’t care about the details - but they’ll care about having a buggy website.