Making Mobile Navigation Menus Better

hamburger menus in mobile website design

This pro tip is pretty much exclusively for web designers.

I’m a Kansas City web designer. Well actually, I own a Kansas City web design agency. So hear me out on what I’m about to say. First of all, I hope you’re hungry. Second, this has nothing to do with beef.

Hamburger Menus In Web Design

Let’s talk about the hamburger menu. Don’t know what a hamburger menu is? Then you’re part of why I’m reading this post. No, it’s not a list of what to get at Five Guys.

A hamburger menu is the official name for the three horizontal lines that you need to click on a mobile device to access the navigation menu.

What I Love About Hamburger Menus On Websites

They’re efficient with space. Let’s be honest, we’re talking about a phone here. It’s a limited screen size. If your hamburger menu is just that — a three lined hamburger menu — then we’ve officially reached the end of what I love about hamburger menus.

What I Hate About Hamburger Menus On Websites

For starters, some people have no idea that you click them to open the nav menu. You’d think that the entire world would be aware of how these things work since they’v been around for a decade (which, online, is as close to eternal as you can get). Think everyone knows about the hamburger menu? Then you’ve obviously never had to deal with customer support feedback. The world is full of unique individuals.

How To Make A Better Burger Menu

You add a little dressing, obviously. I’ve found that adding four simple letters next to the three lines solves pretty much all your problems. What are those four letters that magically make all your user interface problems go away with the elderly and super not-tech-savvy? MENU. Add that beside your hamburger.