KC Web Design Pro Tip — Mobile First Wireframes & Mockups

Today I’m going to share a very important web design tip with you. It’s something that a lot of web designers think of as an afterthought, but it’s so important that it should be at the forefront of your design process.

Create Your Page Layout Mobile First

Here’s why. I’ll keep it short and sweet. If you design your pages with a desktop layout first, chances are good that when it all stacks together for mobile view that it’s going to be way too long.

Why That’s Bad

For starters the call to action is usually way too low. And people don’t like scrolling half a mile down to get the information they’re after.

Do This In Your UX/Wireframes/Mockups

Make the mobile layout first. Trust me. I own a Kansas City web designagency. You don’t have to, but do it that way anyways. People are using desktops and laptops less and less. Think forward, give people a good user experience, keep your pages short, and make sure your call to action is easily accessible on a mobile device. If you do desktop first, your mobile experience will probably be a little sub-par.