07. August 2018
This is a story about when marketing makes decisions that weren’t built to scale… and the 💩 hits the fan right when the 💰💰💰 starts coming in...
10. July 2018
Hold on to your knickers I’m just going to come right out and say it: If you don’t know your business, wait to build a website
22. May 2018
Unlike rap music, the e-commerce industry has seen major improvements in the last ten years. Do you remember feeling excited and grateful when you were able to buy something online? I do. Somewhere along the way, what used to elicit gratitude has now become expectation. If you don’t sell it online, strike.
15. May 2018
It sucks. You need to redo your website so you started looking around for options. After a few hours you realize that, thanks to the internet being world wide (www….) and globalization you have no idea if you should go with the guy from India who charges $4 an hour, a big web agency in your own town who charges $120 an hour, or something in between. You don’t know who to ask, who to trust, how to get a straight answer, what the end product will be, and now you’re just frustrated.
08. May 2018
First things first. I’ve got to hand it to every business owner (small and large) who’s taken the initiative to do their own web design. That takes a lot of work, so great job. Everybody starts somewhere. I see too many web design companies get snarky about new businesses gravitating towards DIY web builders. Let’s be honest with ourselves here - in some situations they’re a good fit. But as a business grows, there’s going to be a time where DIY web design needs to be retired....
01. May 2018
Read this quote and tell me you’re not shocked to hear it’s almost 100 years old - “Half the money I spend on advertising is wasted; the trouble is I don't know which half.” That was John Wanmaker. He died in 1922. Same Problems, Different Century Here we are in the early 21st century and business owners are still plagued with the same problems. As a Kansas City web design company we hear it said in different ways all the time. Spoiler alert - there’s no way to track 100% of where...
17. April 2018
This is a topic mostly for web designers and developers. When you’re building a website should you use JSON-LD or Microdata for your schema markup? It’s an important question to ask if you’re incorporating any kind of template. Let’s dismantle the technical jargon and make this easy to read for everyone. Schema Markup Customized code that gives search engines information. It’s important because sometimes search engines need a little help finding, interpreting, and trusting...
03. April 2018
Before you string me up let me explain. Here’s what happens. A web design company decides to niche down and only do web design and development projects. That’s a smart business move, by the way.
27. March 2018
Have you ever been to a website that looks beautiful, but for some unexplainable reason it doesn’t impress you? It looks good, but it feels “meh.” When you leave, you’ll never remember it. Why is that? Let me explain.
13. March 2018
Let's talk about decision fatigue and how it dramatically lowers your website's conversion rates.

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